We provide a free listing for all businesses in the Canadian provinces. As a basic listing, the business name, phone number, and address are only shown. Additional features will be added to your business if you sign up for the advanced listing or if you advertise on the BUSINESS YOU LIKE page or on the FEATURED BUSINESSES front page.

Dalil.ca reaches the Arab consumers directly through a hybrid advertising strategy.

Your business can be noticed through the main exposure by advertising on the front page under Featured Businesses.

Businesses who can afford a reduced budget have the opportunity to be listed under the BUSINESS YOU CHOOSE page that is accessed by visitors from the front page and the footer.

يسرنا ان ندرج اعلانات المؤسسات العربية في كندا مجانا في الادراج المبوب

The sizes of the display ads on the FEATURED BUSINESSES front page are:

2″ x 1.5″

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